December 14, 2009

I found him tucked away in one of the millions of warrens in Dehli’s back alleys. He’s referred to, variously, as Mister Hip-HopRajah Rabbit or Hare Krishna. But he answers to Bunnyman. With his cleft lip, furry muzzle and a nose that constantly twitches–did I happen to mention it’s pink?–there’s no wondering how he acquired his nicknames.

However, the story of his right leg is shrouded in rumor. One kid I spoke with said Bunnyman told him a farmer with a shotgun caught him raiding his lettuce patch.


I prefer the account of a young woman I met selling flowers who said she used to run errands for Bunnyman when she was a girl. In gratitude, she claimed, he confided the truth only to her.

“A local gang-for-hire ambushed Bunnyman. Severed his leg. They were paid a small fortune in diamonds by their ‘client,’ an anonymous Chinese billionaire who believed such a giant ‘rabbit’s foot’ would bring eternal good fortune. Ha! Within a week the gang had murdered each other squabbling over division of the spoils. And the billionaire was attacked on his yacht by pirates, then robbed of his jewels and thrown overboard to the sharks.”

Pretty ironic when I think about it. All the rabbit hunters done in over a bunch of karats.

Back to Bunnyman..